Yeah! :3 She made some and gave a dish of it to my dad, and he gave my sister and I some, its really good. xD

Anyway, I didnt tell you guys what I got for Christmas yet, did I? uvu

I got a Blink-182 hoodie, which is a little big on me but its super comfortable and really soft on the inside, Ive been wearing it a lot. xDD I also got a Rise Against t-shirt, which is really cool too. owo

I ended up getting a loooooot of books, aha. xD //shot// I have a lot of stuff to read now, which is great. ewe

I got a bunch of drawing stuff too, which is nice. :3 I have a new sketchbook, some charcoal, and a few different sizes of pencils too. ewe

Anyway, I have to get off for tonight, because its after ten and I have to go to bed soon. D:
Bye guys! .w.